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Opening hours

12 - 4 PM


170 pl
Chaise longue SVG

Perched on a rock overlooking the resort, La Cabane’s terrace offers a magnificent vista and sunshine all day long.

Its ideal situation, sheltered from the north wind, makes the perfect spot to taste our dishes from December’s first rays of sunlight through to the end of April.
On the terrace, in a deckchair, standing at a high bar or sitting at a table, we welcome you for a tea or a beer or why not a green chaud? You can try our delicious Liege waffles, our crêpes and our home made desserts at any time throughout the afternoon. You can also just take time to chill peacefully in the deckchairs.

In the summer our terrace is also well known for making the most of amazing sunsets! One of the most beautiful vistas of Alpe d’Huez (obviously...;-)

Opening hours

12 - 4 pm



170 pl
What if we stopped for a little snack on the terrace?
La carte de la terrasse | La Cabane
La carte de la terrasse 2| La Cabane

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